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Emily & Jo


Our history


It was by challenge that Jo took her first steps in Latin dances! Very quickly, he was seduced by the warm and frenzied rhythms. For him, Cuban Salsa turned out to be such a natural expression that he quickly took all the steps and started offering lessons in 2006.

Its objectives are simple: to offer dynamic and friendly lessons, an excellent introduction to warm evenings. He completely expresses his fervor for dance by wearing the caps of teacher, animator and DJ.

He considers dance as a moment of sharing where preconceived ideas and pseudo-differences must remain in the locker room. Jo has the chance to live his passion fully and above all to pass it on to others by bringing them a maximum of good humor!

Are you tempted?... so come and join it!


It was at the age of 6, sitting at the back of a room, watching her parents taking ballroom dancing lessons, that she said to herself for the first time: "I want to dance too!" .

It was the beginning of his story with dancesport. She practiced rock, chacha, rumba and samba for 7 years.
Out of curiosity and a desire for dynamism, she then tried her hand at acrobatic rock.

Then attracted by the festive and joyful aspect of Latin rhythms, she wanted to learn Cuban salsa. Having become her favorite dance today, it is for her the most beautiful means of traveling through the spirit and transmitting smiles and joie de vivre.

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