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Come and join our international Cuban in our frenzied lessons. He will teach you the best of Cuban salsa through his pedagogy.

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My story

Andrés Infanta Mendoza

aka Timba Mania

Cuban dance teacher

Originally from Santiago de Cuba, from the age of 8 Andrés took his first steps in the street, before joining, at 18, the famous group of Yanek Revilla,, currently Sabor DKY. He then joined the Terraza de la Salsa school in Santiago de Cuba, then he joined the Baila Habana school in Havana, one of the most renowned schools in Cuba.

In early 2018, he was one of six dancers selected for a short film dedicated to dance culture in Havana.

Based in Marseille since September 2018, he travels France and Europe to teach and share his passion for popular Cuban dances and more broadly the Caribbean, with a specialty the Casino or Timba.

His teaching revolves around this technique which is the current evolution of Salsa with a mixture of all Afro-Cuban influences.
His classes are punctuated by original music whose tempo adapts to the level of his students.

07 69 15 62 24 Facebook: Timba Mania

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